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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Computing concepts midterm exam question paper (Date 11.07.2012)

Southeast University        
Department of  English
Course code- GED1224 (Computing concepts)
Mid Term -1, Summer -2012
Total Mark-30; Duration -90 minutes 
(Date 11.07.2012)

Answer the following question:

1) What is computer? Name 3 input devices, 3 output devices and 3 Auxiliary storage devices                                                                                                       (2 mark)

2)What does the following acronym stands for?                                             (2 mark)
CPU, AGP, BIOS, USB, WWW, HTTP, VGA, SATA, GSM, LCD, GUI, LED.                      

3) Why RAM is called a " volatile memory"? Why is it important that the program ti boot up your computer system be stored in ROM?                                        (3 mark)  

4)  Write about classification of computer based on physical structure and the purpose of their use. (5 mark)   5) Write about the features of 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  generation of computer?                                                                                                  (4 mark)

6) Write short notes on any 2 topic.                                                              (2×2=4)
a) Custom made and of the shelf software
c)RAM and ROM
d) Fifth generation computer          
7) Solve the following problems :                                                                  (5×2=10)
(N. B : Show all steps in your work.)
Number Conversion (Any five)
1.     Convert (235.6875) from decimal to binary
2.     (129A.B86) 16 = (?)2 = (?)10
3.     Convert (2546)10 from decimal to octal.
4.     Convert (A09.26)16 from hexadecimal to octal.
5.     (11110101111.10001)2= (1011)8
6.     Convert (11010.01011)2 from binary to decimal 

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