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Monday, May 28, 2012

All Ebook & Poems

A Practical English Grammar ---- Thomson and Martinet
Advanced Functional English --- Mohiuddin & Kasem
A Linguistic Theory of Translation --- Catford
Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching --- J.C. Richards and T. S. Rodgers
A practicum in TESOL: Professional Development through Teaching Practice --- Graham Crookes
Alice's Adventures in wonderland --- Lewis Carroll
Animal Farm --- George Orwell
Araby --- James Joyce
Ars Poetica --- Archibald Macleish
Arms and the man --- George Bernard Shaw
As i walked out one evening --- W.H. Auden
Areopagitica --- Milton
As you like it  ( Comedies )
Agamemnon --- Aeschylus
A portrait of the artist as a young man --- Joyce
A short history of english literature --- Ifor Evans
A hundred years of photography J.A. Passmore
Awakening an introduction to the history of eastern thought --- Patrick
Basic English Language Skills ---  Dr. Maniruzzama
Business English --- Andrea Geffner
Between World: Access to Second Language Acquistion --- David E. Freeman & Yvonnes
Bright Star --- John Keats
Biographia literaria (selected chapters) --- Coleridge
Cantos 1&2  --- Lord Byron
Coverley Papers --- Addison and Steele
Christabel --- S.T.Coleridge
Canonization --- Donne
Discourse Analysis --- Gillian Brown
Don Juan --- Lord Byron
Doctor Faustus --- Marlowe
Digging --- Seamus Heaney
Dream of the Rood --- Anonymous
Desire under the elms Eugene O'neill
English pronouncing Dictionary --- D.Jones
English in Use --- Adrian Doff
Effective Reading --- S. Greenall and M. Swam
English Phonetics and Phonology: An Introduction --- Philip Carr
English Phonetics and Phonology: A Practical Course --- Peter Roach
Endymion --- John Keats
Elegy written in a country churchyard --- Thomas Gray
Everyman in His Humour --- Ben Johnson
Ecstasy --- Donne
Essays --- Bacon
Europe in the 19th and 20th century --- Grant and Temperley
From Paragraph to Essay --- Maurice Imhoof & Herman Hudson
Fern hill --- Dylan Thomas
Fairy Queen (book 1 & 2) --- Spencer
Grammar --- Frank Palmer
Gulliver Travels --- Swift
Good Morrow --- John Donne
High school English Grammar and composition ----  Wren and Martin
Huckleberry Finn --- Mark Twain
Hamlet --- William Shakespeare
History of english literature Legouis and Cazamian
Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics --- John Lyons
Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications --- Jeremy Munday
Immortality Ode --- William Wordsworth
Introduction to computer ---- Schaum
Jerusalem --- William Blake
kubla khan --- S.T.Coleridge
King Lear  ( Tragedies )
Low Like Love   --- W.H. Auden
Lord Jim --- Conrad
Modern Linguistics --- S. k. Verma
Material Development in Language Teaching --- B. Tomlinson
My last duchess ---  Robert Browning
Metrical Feet --- S.T.Coleridge 
Musee des beaux arts --- W.H. Auden
Mac Flecknoe --- John Dryden
Macbeth   ( Tragedies )
Mastering Shakespeare --- Richard Gill
Moby dick --- Herman Melville
Man and superman --- Shaw
Ode to the West Wind --- Shelley
On His Blindness --- John Milton
Ode to autumn --- John Keats
Our Bias --- W.H. Auden
Othello   ( Tragedies )
Practical English Usage --- Michael Swan
Psycholinguistics: Language , Mind and World --- Danny Steinberg
Prometheus --- Lord Byron
Prelude --- William Wordsworth
Paradise Lost (Book 9 & 10) --- Milton
Pilgrim's progress --- Bunyan
Piers the Plowman --- Langland
Poetics (penguin translation) --- Aristotle
Principles of operations management --- Jay Heizer
Preface to the lyrical ballads --- William Wordsworth
Principles of marketing --- Philip Kotler (12th edition )
Robinson Crusoe --- Defoe
Riders to the sea --- J. M. Synge
Ship or Sheep --- Ann Baker]
Students Grammar of the English Language --- Sidney Greenbaum & Rendolph Quirk
Sociolinguistics: A Reader (Modern Linguistics) --- Nikolas Coupland & Adam Jaworski
Study of Second Language Acquistion --- R. Ellis
Student Teaching: Early Childhood Practicum
She walks in Beauty --- Lord Byron
Stanzas to Mr. Bentley --- Thomas Gray
Speech on the East India Bill --- Burke
She Stoops to Conquer --- Oliver Goldsmith
Shall I Compare Thee  to a summer's day --- William Shakespeare
Songs of innocence and experience --- William Blake
Selection from milton &Jerusalem --- William Blake
Scollected poems  --- W.B. Yeats
Scollected poems --- Dylan Thomas
Scollected poems  --- Marvel
Scollected poems  --- Emily Dickenson
Scollected poems  --- Robert Frost
Song of myself --- Walt Whitman
Song of lovers --- Lawrence
The Advancing writer --- karen L. Greenberg
The Translation Studies Reader --- Lawrence Venuti
The Translator's Art --- William Radice
The ELT Curriculum --- R. V. White
The Handbook of Discourse Analysis --- Deborah S. Schiffrin
The Practice of English Language Teaching --- Jeremy Harmer  (4th Edition)
The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language --- Ronald Carter
The Garden Party --- Katherine Mansfield
The Odes --- John Keats
To the Cloud --- Shelley
The Rape of the Lock --- Pope
Tom Jones --- Fielding
The Progress of Poesy --- Thomas Gray
The Spanish Tragedy --- Thomas Kyd
Tintern abbey --- William Wordsworth
Three years she grew --- William Wordsworth
The solitary reaper --- William Wordsworth
The world is too much with us William Wordsworth
The rime of the ancient mariner --- S.T.Coleridge
The way of the world --- Congreve
The love song of j. alfred prufrock --- T.S. Eliot
The shield of achilles  --- W.H. Auden
Twicknam Garden --- Donne
The Tempest ( Comedies )
The wheel of fire --- Wilson Knight
The invention of the human (2000) --- Harold Bloom
The scarlet letter --- Hawthorne
The american scholar --- Emerson
The Iliad --- Home
The Aeneid --- Virgi
The Seafarer --- Anonymous
The nun's priest's tale --- Chaucer
The general prologue to the canterbury tales --- Chaucer
The study of poetry --- Arnold
Tradition and individual talent --- T.S. Eliot
The death of a salesman --- Arthur Miller
The chief current of contemporary philosophy d.M.Datta
Writing Matters --- K. Brown & S. Hood
Writing that works --- Kenneth Roman (4th Edition)
Widsith --- Anonymous
Wanderer --- Anonymous   

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