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Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Study English?

  • English majors immerse in different times and worlds by experiencing literature, film, and popular culture from America, Britain, and across the globe.
  • Students stretch their imaginations and challenge their minds to become more responsive and more critical.
  • Majors become active, sophisticated, and resourceful readers, regardless of eventual career goals.
Many career possibilities exist for English majors because an English degree is valuable preparation for any field in which precise understanding of ideas and effective communication are important. In contrast to training for some careers tied to current trends, an English major never goes out of style. There will always be a need for individuals who can write well and who can understand the conventions and complexities of the English language.

Some fields in which English majors find jobs include:
  • advertising
  • publishing
  • public relations
  • technical writing
  • non-profit organizations
  • government agencies
  • Web site production
  • education
  • law
The successful English graduate can confidently pursue graduate school or seek certification to become a secondary school teacher, a process supported by NSU's master's and doctoral degree programs in education and Broward County's alternative certification program.


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