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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ice Breaking

Dear Learner, in our social life, often we meet now people in party, offices, on a long journey, and in social gatherings. We meet new people there. At that time we start conversation all on a sudden with an unknown person. To start a conversation in a gentle manner, we need to know and use some specific words or phrases. These words or phrases are called ice-breaker or conversation starter.

Here we will read a conversation between M and S who are not known to each other.They meet in k's party. Notice the conversation.

M: Nice party, isn't it?
SS: It is indeed.
M: I am really impressed. I am enjoying lot.
S: So do I. By the way, I'm S. I am a friend of K.
M: Nice to meet you, Miss S.v I am also a friend of Mr. K. in fact, we are working in the same company. Are you and M. friend for long ?

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